It Was All About Water Safari

On this particular Saturday I woke up at around 6 am. Why would I need to wake up this early while I was on a trip? Well, I am not the type of person who goes on organized trips. I love being in control of where I go, when, and what I do, which is […]

Old is Gold: My Zanzibar Tour

It has been a while since I traveled and Zanzibar had been on my mind. There has been a lot going on and I needed a break. Some lone time, a time for me, myself and I was what I was craving for. Zanzibar was the perfect getaway tour and I had been researching on […]

Things to do in Stone Town, Zanzibar on a budget

Well before you get all excited that you have finally found “the blog” that gives you advice on “budget travel to Zanzibar” Just hold it right there. Let me explain. I have found out that “budget travel or travelling on a budget” is actually relative. Yes. On what I might consider to be budget travel […]

Why Traveling the World Should be Part of your Year 2017 Resolutions

What makes you happy in life? What brings that sparkle in your life? Before you think of answering these questions you must first understand that we all have different goals and objective in life. What works for me won’t work for you, what I do find fun in maybe you won’t and the same goes […]

What Kisumu Impala Sanctuary offers Kisumu City

There are three major cities in Kenya; Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. Well Nairobi is known because it is the capital of Kenya and Mombasa because of it location along the Indian Ocean. I have lived in all these cities throughout my lifetime. And Kisumu I believe little has been done concerning the tourism sector. There […]

Why Kenyans Should Visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center

I had a great opportunity to visit Rwanda and specifically the Rwanda Kigali Memorial Center. We (most of us) all know what happened during the 1994 Genocide that occurred in Rwanda, one decade ago. The world witnessed the merciless killing of one ethic community, that is, the Tutsi by the Hutu. It has been approximated […]

This Country Burundi- My Tour in Burundi

It has not always been in my mind, but I thought to myself, it will not hurt much to add another country to the challenge. There is not much to see in Burundi, due to its small size and the past years of conflict in the region. Sadly the country has not seen much development. […]

Umushanana/Imvutano the traditional Rwandan and Burundian dress

A traditional dress that cuts across two borders, guys I present to you the Umushanana/Imvutano. The Umushanana is the traditional name of the dress in Rwanda, while in Burundi the dress is called Imvutano, so I was told by my Burundian friend. If you are keen with the Rwandan weddings, you will see most of […]

My Tour in Rwanda

This is my first time in Rwanda and I have always wanted to visit the country. Apart from being relatively small, it is noted for being one of the cleanest countries in the world due to their strict ban of plastic bags. Rwanda is mostly referred to as a country of many hills, and  literally […]

The Gomesi, A representation of Ugandan Traditional Culture

When you are in Kampala, during the day you will surely come across not less than three women wearing the gomesi. And during any Ugandan celebration be it wedding or any other celebration, most of the women will surely be dressed in their gomesi. During my tour across Uganda I had the honor of wearing […]